Tuesday, March 18, 2008

0.1134 everyone! get a calculator, input the digits 0.1134 and turn it upside down! yeah, 0.1134!
Haha ok! My very first blog entry shall be dedicated to all the 'must-blog' events i had always wanted to blog abt IF i had a blog. So in random order...

1) Mistaken identity

Youngest bro: 姐,i can tell the difference between Sheena and Shermaine already. Actually they look quite different. (they're identical twins that aren't exactly identical)
Me: -shows him this pic-

Me: Ok, tell me which one is Sheena and which is Shermaine
Bro: The green one is Shermaine and the black one is Sheena.

boy, he doesn't recognizes his own sister.
2) Coleslaw and Cholestrol

-laughs at my bro for gravely mispronouncing a certain word-
Bro: 姐 my friend worst lo. -relates an incident at KFC-
Friend: Can i have one chicken meal? And change the potato?
Cashier: What wld you like to change it to?
Friend: One CHOLESTROL (coleslaw)

Haha omgosh, this is like the most classic 'joke' i ever heard. I still laugh uncontrollably when i re-tell it!

3) Lame and Lamer

so, i'm always being told off for being lame BUT i think there's this ONE incident that places Sheena Goh right on top. (so everytime yall think i'm lame, think of Sheena, she's worse.)
On April Fool's 2007, she sent me a msg
Sheena: I've got a boyfriend! we've been tog for X weeks and his name is HAF!
Me: Haha like real! You attached? NEVER. IMPOSSIBLE. who're you tryna kid?
Months later when i suddenly asked her 'why HAF anyway'?
Reason: HAF - Happy April Fool's

So now, who's the epitome of lame-ness? Classic 8th wonder of the world!
Everyone, April Fool's just round the corner! So put on your thinking caps and start stimulating those creative juices!
4.1) I'm a plant!

Ok, back in my sec sch days, I was quite a notorious delinquent. So one day in class...
Teacher: Janice, you are already in sec 4, you shld mend your ways and turn INTO a new leaf!
Me: Ok, I'll try my best to turn INTO a new leaf

And so, my classmate drew this!

and gave it to her on teacher's day.

Moral of the story: Always get your idioms right, or you'd be a laughing stock even years after.

4.2) Inequality!

One morning, L, J and myself alighted at our sch bus stop where we cld hear the national anthem being played (which is highly definite that we're late for sch already)
Me: eh go in after national anthem la, i don't wanna salute.
J: Ok
-L dashes off to the sch gate-

In Literature class when we all met...
Me to L and J: eh are yall doing DC (Detention Class) today?
L: I'm early what, so no DC.
Me to J: Eh so are you doing DC today?
J: No, tmr.
Me: Tmr? Can meh? You got time ah?
J: Why not? Can la
Me: How long is your DC?
J: *signals 2*
Me: Me too, but then, how can you then clear??!!
J: Can what, tmr 3-5 la..
Me: omgosh, how long is your DC??
J: 2 hours.

Yeah, so i had like 20 hrs DC for being 2 mins late! Seriously from the DM's mouth, longest DC record for a latecoming punishment.

Moral of the story: always salute the nation
5) My Ambition!

Ok, lately i'm really very preoccupied with the idea of becoming a broker when i step into society with a different status other than 'student'. I think a broker is kinda like the fastest way to be able to enjoy all the luxuries in life, other than being born with a silver spoon and ensuring that silver spoon doesn't turn into stainless steel. Plus, I don't hate the nature of the job - i really think it's an interesting occupation! So, after 2 days of intense researching on the pre-requisites of a broker, i realised:
  • there are many types of brokers (i guess i wanna deal in forex or investment)
  • brokers have to take several exams (e.g. series 63 and series 7 - which is kinda killer exam)
  • to gain an upper advantage, the CPA course is advisable (BUT, this course is like madness! There's 3 exams to be taken in 3 years - which means i have to invest 3 years! That's equivalent to the time i take to pursue my degree!!!)
  • there are some brokers without degree certs but again i read elsewhere that a degree in BA is advisable (wham bam alakazam woooooooo! Just exactly what I took)
I guess that's all that i know. And I definitely need to know more. Haha anyone with info, helpppppp enlighten me!
. . .
Ok man, that's it for my very first official own blog post! Till then!


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