Friday, September 10, 2010

To YOU THREE, this is for you, and for me to remember.

1) YOU THREE got freaking drunk and made me lunge you home. Fucking dead weight and fucking stares, you all were fucking drunk so you all wouldn't know. I fucking suffered. Not even a minute on the dance floor.

2) SHEENA GOH, you got fucking drunk so I fucking took care of you. I paid for the cab there, paid $25 for entry to take care of you after you flooded the toilet with your puke and me getting the blame and send you home immediately. I bloody literally cleaned you up and changed you out of your puke too. KHL and SHERMAINE GOH, you both couldn't care less. You both ignored my calls cos you both wanted to have fun even though you both knew she was drunk. Not even a minute on the dance floor.

3) Once again, paid for cab there, got you all free entry in, and YOU THREE got drunk. SHEENA GOH, you fucking puked in the toilet again and I had to lunge you out. Who got the stares? ME. You scared paiseh, so you pleaded with me for support and bring you away and so I brought you far into the river, and you fucking played with my heart by going so close to the river. I was so fucking scared my good friend wld fall in and DIE. And then it rained. And you refused to budge. So I got drenched in the rain with you. SHERMAINE GOH, you fucking ignored your sister again to have fun. And then you got drunk and you puked in front of the bar. So Joel had to call me to save you. And I ran back in the rain for you. And I got lost. And my piercing tore. And I appeared ghastly in front of everyone. And you PLEADED with me to bring you home. KHL, you ignored them too to have your fun. I called you a million times to plead with you to come back to go home together. You told me you were "walking over, walking over" but you kept me waiting for a good 45 mins with the two drunkards when I was expecting you all along. Not even a minute on the dance floor. I sent you three home. The next moment, when you all woke, you all were laughing and treated the whole episode as a joke. Not even fucking remorseful. I stormed home. And I didn't get an apology. I didn't.

4) YOU THREE said "GORY LET'S HAVE FUN". Even I was fucking tired, I agreed to go. Again, paid for cab there, got you all free entry, and then watch you all drink to get drunk. Reached at 12, watch you all drink to get drunk till 2. SHEENA GOH, I asked you if we could go into the dance floor. You fucking used Huilin finding SB as an excuse. Fine, you said 5 mins. I waited again. You were flirting with your so-called high flyer but he fucking wasn't talking to you for that 5 mins. HE DIDN'T TALK TO YOU. So after 5 mins I asked you again, and you used Huilin as an excuse again. Then you said another 5 mins, so I was really confused at your incredulous decision. Then you told me "You go off la, go off la, you go home". WTF MAN. And after I left, you fucking SMS-ed me an hour later thanking me for leaving the drunkards to you. FUCK MAN. IT IS NOT MY JOB TO TAKE CARE OF DRUNKARDS OK. DON'T FUCKING TAKE ME FOR GRANTED. SHERMAINE GOH, you came out to reason with me. I asked you if you knew how pissed each time I get when yall get drunk. I asked you "Do you know I hate you all getting drunk?". You said "Yes I know. BUT WE ENJOY GETTING DRUNK, you don't have to take care of us". FUCK MAN. Fucking hurtful. You all always beg me to take care of yall when yall are drunk but yall can say such stuff. And as usual, what's for me? Not even a minute on the dance floor. Oh yah, you all didn't apologise. Afterall, it's like no point apologising alr right. There isn't a need right. It's a habit alr.

Listen up you three,
I'm fucking disappointed with you all.
You all don't even care how I feel.
You all don't even try to make it a point to NOT GET DRUNK for my sake, SO THAT I CAN ENJOY.
You all have made me lost my complete trust in yall.

Seriously, I can forgive. I have been forgiving. But I can never forget. It has been a week since it happened, but I am still fucking bitter over it cos i CANNOT forget it. And this blog post serves a reminder to me not to forget, simply cos you all have hurt me too much. It will serve as a reminder to not love you all as much anymore.

Monday, May 3, 2010


it's partial liberation.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Leo type is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. They are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies, and they are self-controlled. Born leaders, either in support of, or in revolt against, the status quo. They are at their most effective when in a position of command, their personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from subordinates. They are uncomplicated, knowing exactly what they want and using all their energies, creativeness and resolution to get it, as well as being certain that they will get whatever they are after. Their followers know where they are with Leonians. Leonians think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes daunt their followers, their practical hardheadedness and ability to go straight to the heart of any problem reassures those who depend on them. If Leonians meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity.

In his or her relations with others the Leo type is open, sincere, genuine and trusting. Outgoing, spontaneously warm hearted and plain spoken, though never lacking in kindliness, Leos are more disillusioned than the average if let down by those they trust. They are not good judges of character and are inclined to favoritism and an exaggerated faith in their followers which too often ends in disappointment. They have a strong sex drive and are so attracted to the opposite sex that they find it hard to be constant; they can be so intensely sexual as to become dissolute. They may have numerous love affairs for their love of pleasure and beauty is liable to drive them from one attractive partner to another. They are very much inclined to deceive. Their marriages may fail for the same reason, yet they are sincere and generous to their lovers while love lasts, and will remain attached to their homes so long as it is run for their benefit. They demand service but are incapable of giving it.


Problem: Getting all upset and angry with others when things do not go the way you fully expected them too. This kind of reaction to a problem is what causes a lot of marital discord and unhappiness.
Solution: You should never base all of your expectations on what you should get, but rather base them on what you can give to, or do, for those who are in your sphere of influence. You will find you have a more peaceful and happy home if you do this.

Problem: Egotism, to the extent that you may be the Leo who thinks no one is quite as good at things as you are and the people around you are made to feel small through your habit of comparison.
Solution: What the higher minded Leo has is a sense of self worth and of greatness, this is corrupted when you let the ego get out of hand so you should learn to walk tall by looking up to those that are 'taller' than you are.
Parts of the Body Ruled By Leos
Back, spine, and the heart - Leos often suffer from back pain and spine ailments. These can be caused by exertion or emotional stress. (SO DAMMMMM BLOODY TRUE - MY BACK.)

I'm a friggin' LEO, no doubt about it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i'm feeling so damm emo now cos i can't sleep! been tossing and turning in bed for the past 3hrs, using my phone from 4batt to 1batt now.
Possible reasons for feeling so shitty??

Today, A didn't msg me despite msging me everyday :(

Today, i think i "quarreled" with B over stupid reasons :( best part? i don't even think he realises it.

Today, C told me what i didn't wanna hear (he thought i didn't know, but i knew) and have been evading all along :(

Today, D my confidante called me as usual, but only for a while cos he was sleepy :( and i didn't tell him anything :(

Today is a FML day?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guess who's back?
Back again.

Janice's back, tell a friend.
Guess who's back, guess who's back guess who's back, guess who's back...

Na Na Na

Ahhh haven't had the inspiration to blog for a long time! But I encountered smth blog-worthy today.

[A sms convo with a pal]

Huilin: Wa so shiok!! Im tired man! Gotta wake early tmr GOSH!!
Me: Lol then how to sleep later! Argghs

Huilin: How to sleep? No need sleep lo XD
Me: Lol idiot >.<

Huilin: Lol you sound like sheena XD are you???
Me: You say leh?

Huilin: What is this XD
Me: What is what? XD? Haha the stupid face la!

Huilin: Hyung doesnt sound like hyung XD
Me: Huh i am hyung la! What's so weird! Lol you drunk ah..

Huilin: On rose syrup? Lol.. Cuz you sounded like sheena and now sherm XD but guess im just paranoid lol!
Me: Haha yeah. This is so gonna be on my blog! One simple msg, not even exceeding 360 words can tell you who's who?!

Huilin: Lol what the XD i was suspicious since the first reply! Was wondering if twins help you type out your reply at the 2nd or 3rd

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one year ago...

At this time, during this mugging period, you were my mo-partner.
Wee hours, you were there to 'him ma' me and drove all 'sim sim hae-s' away.
You expressed 'bo go sip da' in one of the most unconventional and sweet ways.
The phone would ring every day, and you'd sit in the park in the wee hrs for an hour or so to talk.
And then, i got bored.
And then I refused to pick up the daily calls and replied at snail's pace.

And then one day, you broke your leg at 1.30am
You told me immediately - and I replied slowly.
Then you told me you went to A&E - and I didn't reply.
Then you called me - and I blatantly didn't answer.

And then you told me later that you were returning to Korea for good in TWO weeks' time - and then I got a shock, and I teared. And I admit I cried for a few days before your flying off cos I realised I'll miss you.

And one year later,

I'm probably in some emo-mood (omgosh, emo >.<) right now but I'm gonna admit I STILL MISS YOU. but i don't like you

Thursday, February 26, 2009

CRAP, this may sound dammmmm BIMBO.

But I think I favour Torres from Liverpool now,
more over Fabregas, Wilshere, Walcott, Nasri and V Persie.

Reason being, I think I like his looks and he has BLONDE HAIR.

Or is it cos Fabregas, Wilshere and Walcott have been out of action for quite some time now??