Friday, September 10, 2010

To YOU THREE, this is for you, and for me to remember.

1) YOU THREE got freaking drunk and made me lunge you home. Fucking dead weight and fucking stares, you all were fucking drunk so you all wouldn't know. I fucking suffered. Not even a minute on the dance floor.

2) SHEENA GOH, you got fucking drunk so I fucking took care of you. I paid for the cab there, paid $25 for entry to take care of you after you flooded the toilet with your puke and me getting the blame and send you home immediately. I bloody literally cleaned you up and changed you out of your puke too. KHL and SHERMAINE GOH, you both couldn't care less. You both ignored my calls cos you both wanted to have fun even though you both knew she was drunk. Not even a minute on the dance floor.

3) Once again, paid for cab there, got you all free entry in, and YOU THREE got drunk. SHEENA GOH, you fucking puked in the toilet again and I had to lunge you out. Who got the stares? ME. You scared paiseh, so you pleaded with me for support and bring you away and so I brought you far into the river, and you fucking played with my heart by going so close to the river. I was so fucking scared my good friend wld fall in and DIE. And then it rained. And you refused to budge. So I got drenched in the rain with you. SHERMAINE GOH, you fucking ignored your sister again to have fun. And then you got drunk and you puked in front of the bar. So Joel had to call me to save you. And I ran back in the rain for you. And I got lost. And my piercing tore. And I appeared ghastly in front of everyone. And you PLEADED with me to bring you home. KHL, you ignored them too to have your fun. I called you a million times to plead with you to come back to go home together. You told me you were "walking over, walking over" but you kept me waiting for a good 45 mins with the two drunkards when I was expecting you all along. Not even a minute on the dance floor. I sent you three home. The next moment, when you all woke, you all were laughing and treated the whole episode as a joke. Not even fucking remorseful. I stormed home. And I didn't get an apology. I didn't.

4) YOU THREE said "GORY LET'S HAVE FUN". Even I was fucking tired, I agreed to go. Again, paid for cab there, got you all free entry, and then watch you all drink to get drunk. Reached at 12, watch you all drink to get drunk till 2. SHEENA GOH, I asked you if we could go into the dance floor. You fucking used Huilin finding SB as an excuse. Fine, you said 5 mins. I waited again. You were flirting with your so-called high flyer but he fucking wasn't talking to you for that 5 mins. HE DIDN'T TALK TO YOU. So after 5 mins I asked you again, and you used Huilin as an excuse again. Then you said another 5 mins, so I was really confused at your incredulous decision. Then you told me "You go off la, go off la, you go home". WTF MAN. And after I left, you fucking SMS-ed me an hour later thanking me for leaving the drunkards to you. FUCK MAN. IT IS NOT MY JOB TO TAKE CARE OF DRUNKARDS OK. DON'T FUCKING TAKE ME FOR GRANTED. SHERMAINE GOH, you came out to reason with me. I asked you if you knew how pissed each time I get when yall get drunk. I asked you "Do you know I hate you all getting drunk?". You said "Yes I know. BUT WE ENJOY GETTING DRUNK, you don't have to take care of us". FUCK MAN. Fucking hurtful. You all always beg me to take care of yall when yall are drunk but yall can say such stuff. And as usual, what's for me? Not even a minute on the dance floor. Oh yah, you all didn't apologise. Afterall, it's like no point apologising alr right. There isn't a need right. It's a habit alr.

Listen up you three,
I'm fucking disappointed with you all.
You all don't even care how I feel.
You all don't even try to make it a point to NOT GET DRUNK for my sake, SO THAT I CAN ENJOY.
You all have made me lost my complete trust in yall.

Seriously, I can forgive. I have been forgiving. But I can never forget. It has been a week since it happened, but I am still fucking bitter over it cos i CANNOT forget it. And this blog post serves a reminder to me not to forget, simply cos you all have hurt me too much. It will serve as a reminder to not love you all as much anymore.


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