Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When I was showering, my brother suddenly asked me a question.
KJ: 姐, onion got chloroplasts not ah?
Me: I think got la, onions are plants what...
KJ: Got meh?? I don't think they have chloroplasts cos they are not green
Me: I think got leh, sometimes onion got green one
KJ: Ok, I go ask 爸爸 whether onions got
(not chloroplasts) GREEN ONE OR NOT.



I have a sudden compulsion to play squash. But at this hour, I doubt it's possible... I wonder, if any one has a squash court built in his own home premises, within his compounds. Definitely in Singapore, it's impossible... Thus to satisfy my curiosity, I performed a google and and and............................. no info :(
But I found something, there's actually a World Squash Day! Interesting aye??


World Squash Day was founded following the terrorist attacks in America on September 11th 2001.

A number of squash players were among those killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center, including Derek Sword, a former Scottish junior international player who was squash champion at New York Athletic Club.

Several of Derek’s friends decided to create something special in his honour, and also provide something tangible for squash. Hence World Squash Day was born.

Among the annual activities is a challenge match between New York and a UK team who compete for the Derek Sword Trophy, a magnificent silver rose bowl donated by Derek’s employers, KBW.

I still wanna play squash now.......... if I have a Squash court at home, I'll prolly whack the ball at 4 am!


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