Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one year ago...

At this time, during this mugging period, you were my mo-partner.
Wee hours, you were there to 'him ma' me and drove all 'sim sim hae-s' away.
You expressed 'bo go sip da' in one of the most unconventional and sweet ways.
The phone would ring every day, and you'd sit in the park in the wee hrs for an hour or so to talk.
And then, i got bored.
And then I refused to pick up the daily calls and replied at snail's pace.

And then one day, you broke your leg at 1.30am
You told me immediately - and I replied slowly.
Then you told me you went to A&E - and I didn't reply.
Then you called me - and I blatantly didn't answer.

And then you told me later that you were returning to Korea for good in TWO weeks' time - and then I got a shock, and I teared. And I admit I cried for a few days before your flying off cos I realised I'll miss you.

And one year later,

I'm probably in some emo-mood (omgosh, emo >.<) right now but I'm gonna admit I STILL MISS YOU. but i don't like you


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