Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok folks, here is the next post!!

On a certain OMG (GORY's Overnight Mugging Group), we decided to cut short our mugging and be with nature! Since we were at Downtown East, we decided to cease our studying at 0530 and catch the sunrise.

At 0530, 4 half-dead souls made their way to the beach. Somehow, they decided to trust me and we ended up at a swamp, awaiting for the sun to rise. Fortunately, there were stars aplenty so we decided to just gaze at the beautiful stars and chit-chat..
And so we realised, Hui had never seen a shooting star before while Sheena, Sherm and I had.

Sheena: hey if we squat down can see the stars better you know

So one by one, down we went silenty gazing at the stars in our respective directions


All 4 heads turned, and we turned to each other with incessant murmurs of 'did you/yes/omgosh/ahh' and we all clapped with joy cos we knew ALL OF US SAW IT.

WE SAW A MAGNIFICENT SHOOTING STAR! It was really well defined, the beam was bright and well defined. REALLY PRETTY!! And I was really overwhelmed by the fact that Hui saw her first shooting star. Honestly, I had ZERO hopes of chancing upon a star but somehow, GORY managed to see it tog, in SINGAPORE. Really excited and happy for Hui!!!!

So after our excitement, we awaited the Sun to rise. Suddenly...

Hui: hey is that it??!!

All: YA YA! Omgosh it's rising!! And praising ourselves for being so fortunate in standing directly in front of the spectacular sight.

It was a beautiful horizontal ray of orange-red light that spread over the horizon, with the line getting more defined and spreading even further out as time passed (so we assumed the sun was rising!!) Awesome phenomenon.

So there we were, gazing at the stars and the ray concurrently, simply admiring the grandiose sight ahead of us.

And suddenly, to our right..............

it was getting real bright!! Ha so we realised our folly! The sun was rising at the other side of where we were situated! Though we did not witness the sun rising, the sky was simply beautiful. There emerged a myriad of colours (blue, white, yellow, and ???)


A blessing in disguise I shld call it.
Giving up the sun for the shooting star and the magnificent phenomenon.
ORY shld thank me for bringing yall in the wrong direction!
NO 'tung tung' and bullying for a week!

I hope for more such encounters with GORY!! :)

hello ORY (and maybe Surong), i did this too! hahahhaha


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