Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 things i think about... randomly

1) i think my blog is boring - of cos, it doesn't have a life on it's own
2) i think my life is bland - i guess i need to consume more MSG
3) i think i need more colours to spice up my life - i shall stop being greenie
4) i think studying irrelevant subjects are a waste of time - yet, there's no control over it
5) i think i need to stop slacking, and start wasting my time - significantly, by studying the irrelevant subjects
6) i think i shld go for a run - yet, i don't wanna further ruin my court shoes
7) i think point 8 shld explain my thoughts at this moment - so read it
8) i think having to think of 10 things is pretty taxing - that explains this extraneous point
9) i think some of you are beginning to feel i'm lame - i can actually run pretty fast!
10) i think i'm just feeling bored now - you bet! why else wld i blog??

Conclusion: i'm bored---------> SIM SIM HAE

Magic word is SIM SIM HAE - and then the phone rings
But when the phone rings - SIM SIM HAE.

Haha i guess i shld end then.


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