Monday, July 7, 2008

I ought to be sleeping since I gotta rise early tmr but I simply can't get to bed! So I looked through my phone and found a lot of interesting stuff. My phone has 134 pics, and only 8 contains myself in it, HAHA.

Anyhow, here's what I found interesting!

KOH HUI LIN looking so toot (and her RED bottle, which has since died-ed)

SHEENA GOH experimenting with my phone and unable to snap a proper shot

The tamagotchi which
GORY took so much care with but apparently was left ON THE FLOOR AND NEGLECTED BY RY.

KOH HUI LIN being crude and vulgar?? *five fingers clenched tog, moving in an upward and downward motion concurrently*

The feast we prepared for
SHEENA GOH minutes before her bday!

The dumb stuff we do in lectures. It's not blood, it's red ink.

Can anyone spot the mistake in this ad??


GOR trying out the helium gas

And us filming this during our refreshment break

and 辛真Hyung, i ri wa!

Ok man ppl, jal ja yo!


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