Sunday, August 10, 2008

Okay, i don't know where to start! SOOOO many things occurred these past few days!!

ytnewt. So at 0000, i received a call from my bro, asking me to peer out the window. So, to the window I went, only to see 3 fellas singing with a cake and playing with sparklers below. Little did they know that i knew of their plan to come over at midnight all along. But these donsengs are quite interesting! I must admit i was surprised by the singing under the house! I don't know if romantic is the word to be used in this instance.

Oh yes, thanks to yall for the 'surprise' and present, and thanks to second mum too for the cake! FYI, my 2nd mum's Sheena and Shermaine's mum! WEIRDLY, I see my 2nd mum, eat with 2nd mum and spend time with 2nd mum more than 1st mum.

Anyway, so what did we do during the first few hrs after I turned 20??
Watch soccer! Haha cos football channel was showing 2003's match of Man U - Arsenal. Interesting match!! Hui and I - Man U. Twins - Arsenal. Verdict - Draw.
Then mahjong!! And lady luck was shining upon me!
Sheena gained herself 500 MAID CREDITS and Hui gained 270 MAID CREDITS. Haha, a bit more credits, and Sheena's gonna be my Wati for the entire day.

Went for my last driving session. Terribly demorilized is the word to be applied. Anyhow, after driving, GORY went for a haircut again at Marina Heatwave (our last haircut was shortly 2 months ago). Hui's new cut was best! And Aslan had her mane dyed back.

My driving test! Pretty nerve-wrecking. Warm-up session was relatively a breeze (thank goodness. Otherwise, i think I'd really be nervous!) Then balloting time, I got Route 1. Anything but Route 2 (I have a enmity with Route 2 - the slopes don't kill. It's the near-accidents and wide turns that always happen). More relieved I became. But during the test, my left feet started trembling!! Haha I was kinda worried that my engine may die. It didn't tremble so bad before! But anyhow, circuit was GOOD. And that was all the assurance I needed cos I always aced in Route 1. But alas, during one of the turns, I was navigating a right turn. I thought I cld still carry out that turn in time but when I reached the front, it suddenly blinked so i braked hard - but crossed the stop line (and I thought - shucks, goodbye pass. And also, thinking of ORY scolding me TUNG TUNG TUNG TUNG TUNG; D TUNG).
Performed the rest of the route well, back to the test centre. Saw ORY and shrugged to them cos I wasn't sure of the verdict. Went up with my tester, and I was staring at the paper for MARKED CIRCLES (cos i knew I'd definitely pass if that wasn't an immediate failure). NONE. So, I passed! HAHA YAY-NESS. So, that wasn't a fatal mistake after all!

Got my PAPER license, and went to 'celebrate'. For the first time, we tried FLAMING LAMBORGHINI. Dammmmmmmmm special, dammmmmmmm cool!!! Expensive, but worth the try. Everyone shld try it!

COOL DATE. What were you doing at 08/08/08, 08:08:08? I was in bed with Sheena Goh. And we realised it only at night. HAHAHA.

At night, I borrowed a car and GORY went driving!! Only the 4 of us, without any professional supervision! We drove from UPPER PAYA LEBAR/UPPER SERANGOON to AMK HUB for a movie, then to Bedok 85 for food, then to East Coast Park for the beach, then dropped them home at Pasir Ris. We're road noobs so it took us almost an hour to get from UPPER PAYA LEBAR/UPPER SERANGOON/HG to AMK! The parkings and multi-storey carparks were the funniest. GORY was in full force, helping each other. 2 ppl had to go down, 1 had to stay in the car to supervise the driver - all just to get a car into a parking lot. Oh yea, then when we saw a trail of water on the ground coming from the car, we thought the car was leaking oil! We got afraid for a moment, then took tissue paper to soak, and then smelled it!! Only to realise, it's air con water... HAHA. After dropping them at PSR, I went back to UPPER PAYA LEBAR/UPPER SERANGOON alone and I seriously lost my way! Driving the TPE back was shuang but I've never exited to HG from the TPE before!I live in SK after all. So I drove and drove and drove in a lost area - and I was using my phone while driving! My license cld have gotten REVOKED one day after I got it (what a joke haha!) but i realise i control the car better when i use the phone whilst driving cos i'm more focused!

it's dammmm scary getting lost, trying to find your way, and ending up at same places. But, quite an experience.

Whilst driving,
JANICE TAN almost rammed into the side pavement at speed of 70km/h before realising, and doing a turn away, suddenly jerking the 3 others.
SHERMAINE GOH mounted the right kerb.
KOH HUI LIN mounted the left kerb.
SHEENA GOH went in the total opposite direction 1 sec after where I told her turn, TWICE.

And GORY did countless illegal turns and reverses.
We gotta be more zai, and quiet.

And the entire night of anyhow-driving the expressways (to speed) cost us $40.
But it was fun.


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